Repair PowerPoint Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint is a wonderful program that helps to make presentation attractive & impressive in number of ways. It is enriched with several features such as graphics, tables, clip carts, pictures and also other different effects to create a great impact. But sometimes it may happen that after all efforts you have given to create the slideshow may disappear  in a blink of a eye due to corruption or deletion of PPT file & keeps on popping up error messages. Now what?? You may be thinking that you have lost PowerPoint file & cannot get them back. Don’t worry!!!! Stay calm….To get over this problem, it needs to be fixed and to do that you have to use repair tool. You can use PPT repair software and get back all lost information from the corrupted PowerPoint files. You can also get best utilities, to fix PPTX files, by visiting at -



Let’s note down some scenarios leading to PPT file corruption:

  • Harmful viruses such as spyware, adware, malware, Trojan affect the file structure of smooth running PowerPoint in such a way that it become inaccessible.
  • If you do not install MS office correctly then this may cause PPT file corruption & this will lead to application malfunctioning and you are unable to open PPT file. In such situation, use this tool to fix and to get back healthy PPT file in a couple of minutes.
  • When you use untrusted third party program for restoring deleted Power files there is a possibility of PPT file getting corrupted.
  • When you were working on PPT file then it will not be saved if interruption occurs like power surges, hardware failure and system crash, hence data loss. Interruption process like power fluctuation, synchronization error, network problem when you were downloading PPT file from internet may also lead to corruption of Power Point file.
  • Converting presentation files from one format to other continuously is termed as round tripping. This process allows user to convert PPT to PPTX, then to PDF and again back to PPT format but corrupt file structure of presentation file making it inaccessible & unreadable.
  • Windows registry policy error is one reason for PPT file corruption, if the settings are not proper, admin may restrict opening the type of PowerPoint file by application & when you attempt to open that file you may encounter error message “attempt to open a file that is blocked by registry policy setting”.
  • While restoring corrupt PPT file with a recovery software the file that are recovered may remain incomplete due to sector fragmentation & file will remain in corrupt sate.

How to repair PowerPoint Slides?

The best way to repair PowerPoint slides is to use PPT File Repair tool. You can restore back all items of MS PowerPoint like text, animations, images, sound effects, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. You can also repair & then recover file from different external storage device such as external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. It retrieves .ppt, .pps, .ppsx, .pptx file after repairing. This software enables the user to perform recovery of broken PPT file whatever may be the reason for corruption. In addition, you can make use of this tool to mend dead PowerPoint document after dead due to virus attacks, file system error, header corruption and so on. Click here to get detailed information about mending dead PPT on Windows. With the help of this software you can also know about how to fix Powerpoint 2013, 2010, 2007 and all the other latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint Application.



Follow the steps to repair PowerPoint slides

Step 1: Once software is launched then you can start the recovery process by running the application. You an find an option to browse corrupted file and select it then click on repair button.

Repair PowerPoint Slides - Welcome Screen

Step 2: After process is completed, you will be able to preview your repaired file by "Preview" option & then you can save the file if you are satisfied

Repair PowerPoint Slides - Preview