Damaged PowerPoint File recovery

If your system gets hit with a sudden technical glitch or virus attack, your PPT file is always at stake. Count upon your luck, for it to work properly. If it doesn’t, you are in for a stab. Such files can no longer be used, because they would refuse to open. So, what happens to your hard work? You can’t afford to lose it to an error! In fact, you don’t have to. To restore your file, you need a reliable PPT recovery application. It takes this tool few minutes to provide you access to the power point file.



Reasons for PPT file corruption

Before recovering the data, it’s necessary to know the reasons behind the data loss or damage. A brief description of the reasons that might have led to data loss is given below:

Improper installation: If the installation of Microsoft PowerPoint is incomplete or improper, the presentation files might refuses to open in severe cases. It may get corrupted to an extent that it can’t be accessed anymore

Virus attack on the presentation files: When we download an application from sites that contain malicious malwares, the system gets infected with viruses. The virus, in most cases, damage all file formats present in the system.

Abrupt shutdown of the system: The presentation files may get corrupted due to improper shutdown of the system or shutdown of the system due to variations in the power supply, etc.

Using unreliable data recovery tools: Many data recovery tools available in the markets are not safe to use as they modify the original file that needs to be recovered. Any major modification may render the file inaccessible.

To get over problems like inaccessibility, you need a repair tool which can fix damaged PPT file safely. Such tools are easy-to-use and can recover all types of PPT file types such as PPT, PPTX and PPS. This software has a powerful built-in scan algorithm which can understand the underlying malfunction of inaccessible PPT files. It restores the PPT files with the actual presentation headers and footers. This software supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008, Windows XP etc. This software also allows you to preview the repaired file. It repairs and recovers animations, images, OLE objects etc.

Restoration steps

Following are the steps that should be followed to recover damaged PPT files:

Step 1: Download and install the repair software.  Browse and select your damaged PPT, PPTX, PPS files and select “Repair” button to begin the repair process..

Fix PPT - Welcome Screen



Step 2: Once the repair process completes, you can preview the repaired file.

Fix PPT - Preview

Step 3: After the preview, you need to specify a destination to save the lost data. Click on the “Select Folder” tab to choose the destination path which could be your local drive or a mapped network location. Once this is donc, click on the “Save” option to restore all your lost data 


Fix PPT - Preview